Friday, November 11, 2011

simple phrases and parables

Ponds and oceans

For freedom and nature lovers.

Simple proverbs and phrases intended as

broad hints and insights for the rebellious.


The dispossessed will occupy land for habitats.

Cities are not habitats.

Adapt to nature.

The people of the land are our elders.

Nature has no political boundaries.

Industrialism kills habitats.

Industrial production must be permanently dismantled.

The village can learn from the traveler.

Our minds are not separate from our bodies. Mind is matter.

Habitats create us as we create them.

Defend your habitat.


Withdraw to organize.

Withdrawing is attacking.

Withdraw to experience communal subsistence.

Insurgency and withdrawal coexist.

Withdraw to train.

Withdraw to heal.

Withdraw to occupy.

Withdraw now to attack later.

Refusing to participate is an act of sabotage.

The state will use violence to enforce reintegration and assimilation of group withdrawal.

Pursue collective experiments in living.


Free individuals cluster together organically.

Secessionist regions and enclaves can experiment with anarchy.

Kinship ties facilitate anarchy.

Anarchy will bury anarchism.

The ungoverned individual is the basis of anarchy.

Decentralisation prevents new states from emerging.

Desire for the inherent benefits of harmony and successful subsistence activity encourages efforts to create pleasurable coexistence.

Federations can break away from the nation state.

Anarchy is a fight for experimentation in living.

Freedom is a set of social relationships.

Peace is achieved through the revolutionary abolition of nation states.

Replace statist laws with agreements between free people.

The group is stronger within a federation.

The anarchist federation is an organic body.

The organic decays and disappears to make room for renewal.

The artist experiments. The anarchist destroys. The animal embodies sensual knowledge.

The federation is a weapon of insurgency.


Global revolution cannot be planned but local secession can.

Organic self-organization can precede secession from the nation-state.

Seceding from the nation-state makes room for organic self-organization.

Authentic revolution creates authentic human bonds.

All politicians are obstacles to revolution.

Revolution is organically self-organized.

Revolution is complete renewal.

Complete renewal requires an organic dimension.

Federations of communes can break away from the nation state.

Occupation sites federate.

Allies federate. Ponds become an ocean.

Revolutionary foresight creates revolutionary futures.

Urban ways

Abandon cities in groups.

Atomization is the chain that binds us.

Uprisings must destroy the relationships called city.

Without destroying the city, complete renewal will fail.

The city is an authoritarian institution.

Numeracy and literacy are urban technologies.

Temporary gatherings of thousands of people are not cities.

Technology can’t solve social problems.

Using technology is not a consensual activity.

A collection of villages is not a city.

Urban civilization is a necessary condition for capitalist civilization.

Coercive hierarchy is a necessary condition for urban civilization.

Agriculture makes urban civilization possible.

The destruction of capitalism will include the destruction of urban ways.

The rural will be buried alongside the urban.

Resist atomization.

Martial traditions

Communes defend themselves.

Animals don’t have hospitals.

The women make the machetes.

Even fragile, peaceful snowflakes acting together can sometimes quietly suffocate the dominant reality.

Some will die.

No one can see the whole mountain.

Beneath the surface, the roots live in darkness.

The state prevents the emergence of federations with violence.

Martial skills can defeat military ones.

During unrest the state will use police or rebels as human sacrifices, the first to justify law and order, the second to reassure the bourgeoisie.

Act as a group without appearing to be a group.

Insurrectional events should threaten the bosses of the dominant reality.

Without risk we fail.

A community of resistance has an arsenal.

Makhno, Durruti, Pontiac, Geronimo, Gabriel Dumont, Zapata, Crazy Horse.

Collective fury is the invisible weapon of the disarmed.

You’re only disarmed if you think you are.

A mutual shaping of ideas and action begins before genuine revolt and continues during it.


Capitalism is a violent crisis.

No roles or identities created for capitalist civilization are worth preserving.

Capitalism is a river of blood.

Capitalist civilization stunts its populace.

The market is the world’s imperial master.