Thursday, May 15, 2008


An incredible voyage- part one

This is an encouragement for local, anti-authoritarian secessionist activity and upheavals. Ecological insights and awareness, an inspiration from primal ways and a desire for autonomy, both individual and collective would characterize this push for different ways of living. Secessionist activity is not aimed at establishing new, smaller nation-states, but toward the creation of stateless zones.
The values and aspirations that its participants would embrace include cooperation, sharing, mutual aid and voluntary association. We want to make a break from a world that damages and stunts us. Secessionists secede not only from nation states but ideology as well. Our rupture is based in a desire for new relations, between each other, within ourselves and with the world that surrounds us, one that emphasizes our subjectivity and our potential.
The widespread sharing of skills, resources and burdens now carried by individuals and families locked into their private lives, would mark successful secessionist movements. The creation of common lands, gardens and gathering spaces, collective child rearing and collective responsibility for shelters would also characterize them. Subsistence activities would be explored and practiced. Secessionists would consciously aim at permanently freeing their territory, their habitat, from Centralized Authority.
Openness for intimacy with others, with strangers, in the beginning, is essential, because we have all become strangers to each other. Ultimately these local movements aim for true kinship, authentic community, genuine inter-relationships that allow each individual to be all that she can be yet part of a whole.
These expressions of collective will would involve measures of offense and defense, for there are those who cannot accept community autonomy, who fear freedom or who have an interest in maintaining control from the top. For this reason the acquisition of martial skills would be useful, if not essential.

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